Before getting into relationships; what you should know.

Relationships can be cute and fun filled but at the same time hurtful and demands a lot of time, tolerance and sacrifices.It’s not something to just rush into because your friends are. The after maths of a broken¬† relationship on teenagers, are not pleasing at all.That said, before getting into a relationship,¬† you have toContinue reading “Before getting into relationships; what you should know.”

We Fail

Failure is the inability to Archive laid down goals or objectives, be it in exams, relationships or business. No matter how much we try we always fail but sometimes, we don’t fail because we are lazy or weak but because we need a maximum time to properly acquire the requisite amount of knowledge about theContinue reading “We Fail”

THROWBACK: South Africa’s Xenophobic History

At a time in 2019, #Xenophobia was headlining the news and social media platforms. Some people talked about it without an idea of what the word meant. In this article, I won’t just be defining Xenophobia as a word but i will also give you a brief history of Xenophobia sitting other countries but focusingContinue reading “THROWBACK: South Africa’s Xenophobic History”

THE CORONAVIRUS: 5 Reasons Why it Will be Difficult to Contain the Virus in Africa

The COVID_19 (Coronavirus) from Wuhan China has found its way to every single continent on the planet, with Africa being one of the last if not the last for the virus to reach and will have a lot ofproblems containing this outbreak. Below, I will be pointing out why I think it will be difficultContinue reading “THE CORONAVIRUS: 5 Reasons Why it Will be Difficult to Contain the Virus in Africa”

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