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A lot of people including myself waited and even started this year 2020 with a lot of new year resolutions with hyper preparations to make 2020 our year of great turn overs but just when things started to look interesting, the tables were turned, dashing most, if not all of our dreams and hopes to the ground. With my numerous goals made close to impossible to archive, I took time off to really take a good look at the cause of all the mishaps round the world; a lot of things caught my attention of which I will talk about just a few here. Looking at the modifications in the pattern of each and every human being’s life with exceptions to those who claimed to be super humans until they were brought down. Virus, outbreak, spreads, quarantine, social distancing, death and recoveries. All of these got me thinking; could the world be at Puberty?

Now, what is puberty? The advance Oxford dictionary puts it this way;


n   noun the period during which adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction.

Now let’s not think about reproduction because I don’t think there’s a female or male planet out there for our beloved mother earth. The most striking word I got in this definition of Puberty is period, and a period is the time taken for a certain process to be completed. While growing up, we notice a number of irregularities but as long as i can remember, my transition from an adolescent to a teenager was crazy weird and the most disturbing part of it was, it didn’t stop, no matter how much I tried to stop or prevent those transformations. Relating this to the prevailing pandemic, seeing all the irregularities, the fear and confusion that has swept through hearts and minds, I say the world is at puberty; the world is about to get to the next stage of its existence (whatever it might be) If Mas could talk we would ask her what is coming next but since we have no idea how to communicate with Mas, you just have to wave at each other and say All is well.

At puberty, the adolescent knows not what is happening but the undisputable truth is that, whatever changes taking place will be around for a very very long time. It is never clear why we have hairs growing places, but it is always certain that the hair will be around for a long time if not forever. As an adolescent, the whole world is confused but the bottom line is, life will never be the same again ever. At the end of this stage, there are only two possible outcomes which are: Good and Bad, which will coexist and interchange from time to time, depending on the who, the where and the why.

In every situation, there are always those who make profit out of it; in wars, arms dealers become richer than farmers, during lock-downs like those in 2020, E-commerce entrepreneurs get more profits. After this, the rich may continue being richer and the poor poorer, or the rich poorer and the poor richer, but as the book of the law (Bible) says, …time and chance happens to it all. We all have the chance now to make our future better than our past and we also are open to opportunities which can help ruin our future. 2020 will always and forever be remembered for shaping our attitudes and behavior toward ourselves, family, friends and our environment.

thank you for taking time to go through my thoughts. this might not be accurate or real, after all, they are just thoughts.

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Nash reads Electronic Engineering, a Bassist who loves writing, an introvert and overall an overthinker.

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