Child Marriages: A Set Back To Gender Equality in Africa

Join the fight In the past,  parents get husbands for their girl children even before they are born. Child marriage is a formal or informal  union entered by an individual before reaching the age of 18.                                    For asContinue reading “Child Marriages: A Set Back To Gender Equality in Africa”


Little Gladys Chelagat with her baby On June 27, 2005 Africa had her  youngest mother; Gladys Chelagat, a young Kenyan lady, who became the youngest mother in Africa at that time  to give birth at age 10. Everyone was shocked with some saying its a lie. Now, that was 13years ago and the number of kidsContinue reading “TEENAGE PREGNANCIES”

Why Sex Education is Failing in Africa

I remember those awkward moments when my family and I are watching Nollywood movies and suddenly a sex scene pop up on tv. Every discussion seizes and total silence is observed as if in memory of a dead relative while the elderly persons scrambles to find the remote. This is a common phenomenon in mostContinue reading “Why Sex Education is Failing in Africa”


Yesterday I sent a link about sex education to my big sister, expecting her to browse the link and thank me later but to my greatest surprise I woke up to her message in the morning which stated that what I sent to here was “nonsense”. Her reason being that, she saw the word SEX in theContinue reading “AFRICA IN DYING NEED OF SEX EDUCATION”

Pope Francis Ruled against relaxing Celibacy law.

According to the Catholic Church’s code of canon Celibacy is a special gift from God. They consider it as a discipline and not a doctrine as they believe it’s a way of following Christ and also that the church is the family. Those who are happy with the law say it allows the priest timeContinue reading “Pope Francis Ruled against relaxing Celibacy law.”

I’M SORRY YOU ARE UNDERAGE: the ultimate dream killer

Declaration!!!! (t?=my age) Three years ago, a friend in the UK introduced me to Drop-shipping; an online retail business but I was unable to start up as soon as she did because of finances and the start-up requirements. To cut the long story short, I went to UBa Bank today to get a prepaid cardContinue reading “I’M SORRY YOU ARE UNDERAGE: the ultimate dream killer”

CORONAVIRUS: What you should know

The new virus out break which was first discovered in china called the CORONAVIRUS has claimed a lot of lives around the globe. This virus has put the whole planet in fear with some people saying the next outbreak might be the “Zombievirus” because the world keeps degrading but nothing seems to care. We useContinue reading “CORONAVIRUS: What you should know”

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