The Teenager; How to tackle multiple relationship proposals

Relationships can be very demanding

I was asked by one of my readers, to write something on how to tackle multiple relationship requests and I think that’s a problem to many teenagers. “After approaching and talking to me nicely, I got home and though I was not planning on accepting his request, I couldn’t study because his voice kept replaying in my head” says Sonia.
That’s the struggle many of our girls especially the teenage girls go through days and nights. It greatly affects the teenagers the most because they are just developing and the teenage is associated with poor decision making and uncertainty, living them confused most of  the time on what to do next.
These struggles affects mostly the teenage girls ranging from their behaviors at home to their performances in school, as many will drop from topping the class to barely grabbing a passed and in some cases even failing at the end of the day

In order to help you tackle these relationship issues,  I brought up 8 points which has worked for many.
1). Know what you want. For teenagers you will have to chose between making your family proud and being in a relationship with a rich, handsome or famous guy.  Mind you, both of the options are going to affect your life either positively or negatively.  Be wise! 
2). know what love is. Most of the times these little girls mistake adventures for love.  Because you want to be given money, little gifts and be seen by your friends as a classic girl, you convince yourself to be inlove.

3). Learn to ignore. Not every attention seeker necessarily have to get your attention. Being available for everyone makes you cheap and multiplies your trouble. If you happen to have given out your number or your number is gotten by any means,  learn to ignore or better still Block.  Same goes to social media.
4). Giving out Contacts. Not everyone deserves to get your phone number or any contact. Tell your friends not to give out your contact without your permission.  This prevents unwanted messages and calls.
5). Be firm on your Decisions. When you say no to someone, mean it and let your facial expression and tone show that you are serious. Learn not to talk like you are confused and say “NO” at the spot,  not “I will think about it”. Thinking about something you don’t want is already a gate way of counter thoughts.
6). Mind the way you dress. It’s often said you would be addressed the way you dress. If you don’t dress decently,  don’t expect the street boys to let you be. Be decent and avoid passing by a group of boys.
7). Friends. M
ind the kind of friends you keep around you. Friends can push you into doing things that won’t take you anywhere. Not everything Should you tell your friends.

8). Chose your words. When talking, especially with those who seem to persist and are bold, don’t sound too soft and nice. You are suffering violence and the violence must be taken by force. You know what you want and what you want should not be changed by someone who will leave you after few months or weeks if not days.

 “Names has been changed”

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