How to Get Over Your Heartbreaks in no Time

The pain is unbearable

Heartbreak is a feeling of great sadness or disappointment; the most horrible feeling there is for everyone which if not well managed might lead to depression or even one’s Death(suicide). Many people experience heartbreaks very early in their teen ages.
I imagine what they go through when they get their hearts broken as most of them secretly get into such relationships…

When your heart is broken, it can feels like the end of the world. It feels like a hole has been drilled through your heart and the pain flows through your whole body like water from a shower. No amount of pain has ever felt that agonising and worst of it, Heartbreaks hurt in slow motion.
You may cry, scream, break things, starve yourself and avoid people but the pain would still be there.

I can boldly tell you that many people would prefer to be smacked in the face with a steel bar than to get their heart broken. The thing is, heartbreaks are really bad for your health, it affect you in the following ways:
 ~your brain thinks you are hurt physically making your whole body to hurt
 ~lots of stress hormones are released which makes you feel stressed out says Women’s Health Magazine
 ~you either gain weight or lose weight as some people chose to deal with their heartbreaks by either over eating or not eating at all.
 ~you will be depressed.

According to Science, love is the most addictive feeling and when one is cut off, the body needs to rearrange itself.
In order to make it easier:

  1.Pray. When you just can’t handle a situation, remember there’s an invisible man up there who knows how to go just about everything. You may not be someone who prays, but just give Him a try, he listens.

  2.Be sad for a while. it’s ok to mourn for your lost. However, remember somethings are out of our control but don’t give up on yourself , keep moving forward in a bit to become the happy teenager you used to be.

3.Cut off all contacts. Don’t text him/her, don’t call or receive their calls. I would say, block him/her.

4.Dont stay friends. He/she might propose that you guys remain friends after your breakup, but that’s not a good idea. You can just tell him/her that you will think about it to prevent pressure.

5.Go out with Friends. It’s ok to avoid people for a while but don’t let longing for past memories stop you from creating different ones for the future.

  6.Avoid posting it on social media. Deal with your problems privately and stop making it public,  someone might say something that would hurt you even more.

  7.Don’t talk about it. If you really want to get over it,  avoid talking about it. That way, you can easily forget it.

  8.Stop blaming yourself: Even if it’s your fault that you got heart broken, you should take yourself as a human who is bound to make mistakes. Learn from the mistakes and live on.

I hope you get over it soon, life’s too short to waste it crying over someone who isn’t even thinking about you. Shoe him/her that you can live without his wining, you are strong, you are able, you are attractive enough to meet another who will cherish you for who you are.

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