THE CORONAVIRUS: 5 Reasons Why it Will be Difficult to Contain the Virus in Africa

Is Africa ready for the fight?

The COVID_19 (Coronavirus) from Wuhan China has found its way to every single continent on the planet, with Africa being one of the last if not the last for the virus to reach and will have a lot of
problems containing this outbreak. Below, I will be pointing out why I think it will be difficult for African countries with the COVID_19 out break to contain.
The African governments are known have in the past years always not told the population the
truth about number of affected people be it in a genocide, road or rail accident nor natural disasters
like flood and landslides so it’s going to be very difficult for the government to convince her citizens
of the presence of the virus and the number of infected persons. Last week there was a rumour on
social media about the UN spokesperson saying there might not be any cases of the dreaded
COVID_19 as the governments may want to use that as an advantage to get loans. When the first
two cases were discovered in many countries, many I didn’t believe it because the government has
not been so transparent in the past.
I am sorry to say this but Africans have a very uncultured and irritating mentality when it comes
to taking orders. Thanos said in the movie; THE AVENGERS: End Game and I quote, “as long as there
are those who remember what was, there will always be those who are unable to accept what can
be; they will resist” no matter how bad the situation might get, an African will still be hesitant to
reach a compromise in other to adapt to the situation at hand like: relocating from a slope prone to
landslide and building under a high voltage power line or swamp. Africans want change but none is
ready to change for change. Another of these mentality is what I call “we die together” this is
observed in the case where infected Africans in Europe flew back to their countries knowing so well
that they will infect others including family and family will chose to keep it a secret until every
member of the family is infected; pure wickedness.
Religion might play a very big role in the spread of this virus across Africa. This is due to the poor
mentality of the religious people who will want to defile the laws of nature and the state just to
prove the power of their GOD. A lot of people go around saying that their God is stronger than
coronavirus which is just a manmade virus. I am not against religion nor their believe but I am
against those poor doctrines that leaves religious people vulnerable to the flu. I wish to stress a little
bit on this point because it’s a major concern. Today Sunday 22nd of March 2020, some Christians in
Zimbabwe were forcefully and brutally sent out of their church after going against the law that was
passed by the government shutting down schools and prohibiting gatherings all over the country. Oh
Africans, who has bewitched us? To the Christians, let me bring your attention to some things in the
Bible: Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” and what are those laws?
Matthew 26:41, Watch and pray… Deuteronomy 6:16 or Matthew 4:7, you shall not put the LORD
your God to the test, as you tested him at Massah. I can go on and on but you just have to get the
The health sector in most African countries as we all know is a mess. Those in charge failed and
are still failing to build, train and boost the health sector in their various countries, reason why they
fly to Europe, America and Asia for treatments and check-ups. Now with the virus outbreak, there’sa great need for a fast and effective emergency and intensive care units in all hospitals but there is
little or none. Our hospitals barely have drugs not to talk of ambulances and medical equipment.
Another thing which has always prevented things from going right in Africa is greed. Africans have tones of greed in their DNA and it’s very difficult to crush that greed and work for the benefit of
others. I am imagining a situation which we know happens, where the management of a hospital
draws a budget two times more than what is needed to prepare for any cases of coronavirus and
when the money is dispatched, they still take out money from what is really needed by the hospital.
The second part is that of the buyer, who goes in for cheap and low quality medical equipment in
other to keep the balance to himself because it is government money. Greed! Even if the community
choses to donate some money which is hard, the money still pass through the same process.
To those who believe in GOD and those who believe in science, I’m sure you all know Italy, china,
France, Spain… have gone way a long way with science but their hospitals are still filling up with
patients what more of us? We don’t even have hospitals in some places. Maybe it’s time to pray
after all “If there is a man to pray, there is a GOD to answer” right? I only hope God listens.

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