Before getting into relationships; what you should know.

Relationships can be cute and fun filled but at the same time hurtful and demands a lot of time, tolerance and sacrifices.
It’s not something to just rush into because your friends are. The after maths of a broken  relationship on teenagers, are not pleasing at all.
That said, before getting into a relationship,  you have to do a lot of thinking about what you are signing up for.

Here are some things about relationships you would want to know before jumping into one.

1. Know your motive. Relationships are not a play ground or laboratories for experiments.  think because your friend has a partner (boyfriend or girlfriend you should have one, because his or her partner is reach doesn’t mean you should look for a rich boy of girl too.  If you don’t love someone, don’t get into a relationship with him or her.
2. Know what love is. As mentioned earlier,  some people don’t get into relationships because they love each other. Some do for sex, money,  popularity, power and even fear.You should know what love is and the price of love. And if you don’t know,  just hold on!. 

3. Its going to hurt. There’s never going to be a union between two individuals that won’t bring fights. So have it at the back of your mind that it’s not going to be milk and honey all the way.  You will argue,  disagree and might even break up at the end of the day.

4. Its not fantasy. To those who still live in the fantasy world, come back to the real world where there’s no kissing in the rain(unless you went to the farm together).
And in Africa,  no road trips(you might not even have a car), no wood camping,  no after school Partying(together)
It’s not going to be like in the movies where everytime is happy.  Wake up!!! 
5. You have to thing about relatioenships is,  you have to sacrifice one thing or the other,  be it your time,  money,  energy… just to keep up with your partner and to make them happy. Sharing everything you have and not being selfish is what keeps a relationship going. You might have to share even your liver.

6. Its supposed to last. Know that real relationships are not a trial and error kind of thing. Accepting it means you have to stay long or you will be getting your heart and other’s hearts broken now and then. You will have to stick to one partner and not jumping from one partner to the other like a monkey on trees.

7. No one is Perfect. Don’t have unrealistic expectations from a relationship. Your partner has a life and so is not going to always be there for you. He or she is not an angel so don’t expect him or her to be flawless. You partner will react and sometimes over react because he is human.

  8. Friends. Know that your partner will have friends of the opposite sex and at times will have to make time for them while you wait.

9. Sex Premarital sex can and will destroy your life. No matter how careful you will be, one day you’ll make a mistake which will tie you down in regrets and pain. To avoid unwanted pregnancies, avoid unnecessary sex, you wimtw die if you don’t; if that were the case then for the past years you won’t have survived.

Published by Nash

Nash reads Electronic Engineering, a Bassist who loves writing, an introvert and overall an overthinker.

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