We Fail

When you fail, it’s an indication that, you need to learn more.

Failure is the inability to Archive laid down goals or objectives, be it in exams, relationships or business.

No matter how much we try we always fail but sometimes, we don’t fail because we are lazy or weak but because we need a maximum time to properly acquire the requisite amount of knowledge about the course or individual. Failure is to me a necessary catalyst for a reaction to produce success as an end product.

Even though painful, Failure is supposed to be okay not withstanding the situation. Whether you worked hard or didn’t work at all, Failure is an indication that, something (s) is still to be understood or learned.

Naturally, there’s a given time for specific things to be fully understood. It can be an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year and the time is also relative to the the understanding ability and speed of the person undertaking the course. This means that, what i understand in an hour, it can take another a day and another a month to understand and if a person is tested before he or she has fully understood the course, failure will be inevitable and there’s nothing wrong with it.

You don’t have to hurt yourself, those around you or both yourself and those around you because you failed. Sometimes we fail not because we didn’t understand what we were being tested on, but because we make Silly mistakes which is still okay. Time can’t be changed. Accepting our failure and correcting our mistakes is the best response to failure which will lead to success. When you fail once, learn More, and more and more until you succeed.

Success gives happiness but failure gives experience which leads to success but do not intentionally fail for experience because, you will meet your doom!.

Published by Nash

Nash reads Electronic Engineering, a Bassist who loves writing, an introvert and overall an overthinker.

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